American Heretics Comedy Tour

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Fri, Jul 7, 2017
Sat, Jul 8, 2017

American Heretics Comedy Tour

Equal parts standup and philosophy, the American Heretics Comedy Tour features the collective talents of Tom Simmons, Stewart Huff and Jay Whitecotton. While all three have separately toured comedy clubs and theaters across the country, they've decided to come together to create a show far different than any you've seen before. Part storytelling, part current events and part exploration into the bigger ideas, you’ll see why these three comics are becoming underground favorites on stages and festivals across the country.

"Tom Simmons is getting dangerously close to being an adjective reserved for only some of the best stand up comedians of all time: prolific." - The Serious Comedy Site

"Stewart Huff had recent Fringe audiences rolling in the aisles with his hilarious monologues Donating Sperm to My Sister's Wife and Darwin vs. Rednecks, but his latest work will make you stretch your brain as well as bust a gut." - Orlando Weekly

"Whitecotton can truly find the laughter in anything. Even at his most vulnerable you can’t help but join him and laugh at the darkest moments of his life.” -

Heresy at its core has always been about challenging authority and having opinions opposite of what's generally accepted. This has also been one of the most respected aspects of standup comedy.

The American Heretics Comedy Tour fully embraces this philosophy, building an audience of contrarians, free thinkers and smart asses looking for more out of comedy than just tired tropes or empty positive platitudes.

With credits that range from Comedy Central to FOX to the Wall Street Journal, this comedy tour features veteran performers Tom Simmons, Stewart Huff and Jay Whitecotton who each bring their own brand of unconventional sensibilities to the medium.

Simmons, a firm believer in non-violence who faces the challenge of upholding his values while raising an adolescent son in a nation filled with terror alerts and civil unrest.

Huff, a southern agnostic who sees the comedy in philosophy and science over blind faith, forced to wonder if every show will end in applause or by firing squad.

And Whitecotton, an ex-homeless transient fighting to relate to people despite hounded by a past that reads like Greek tragedy directed by David Lynch.

With divisive elections, building tensions across the world and a news cycle that seems to sensationalize mediocrity week after week, the audience looking for more from their entertainment is growing ever larger.

The American Heretics Comedy Tour aims to fill that void one stage at a time.

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